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PulseGuard Inc. & Ltd.: manufacturer of pulsation dampeners, hydraulic accumulators, and surge alleviators for applications including but not limited to: shock, surge, water hammer, pressure pulsation, and flow fluctuation.

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For the Americas & Pacific:
Pulseguard is a US registered trade mark
of PulseGuard Inc.

295 Sloop Point Loop Road,
North Carolina

International Telephone:
00 1 910 270 2737
International Facsimile:
00 1 910 270 2740

US Toll Free Phone:
1-888-DAMPERS (3267377)

US Toll Free Fax:
1-888 847 8356

PulseGuard Inc. [USA]

For Europe, Africa & Asia:
Pulseguard is a UK registered trade mark
of PulseGuard Ltd.

Greg Street Indudtrial Center
Greg Street, Reddish
Stockport, Cheshire
SK5 7BS | UK EU.

International Telephone:
--44 (0) 161-480-9625
international Facsimile:
--44 (0) 161-480-9627

UK Freephone:
08080 LO PRICE (56 77423)

UK FreeFax:
0800 174088

PulseGuard Ltd. [UK]

Latitude: 53.431095 | Longitude: 2.159790


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Western Australlia France Denmark
Dynapumps Amortisseurs de Pulsations Hans Buch
Specializes in the design and supply of complete pump systems to suit your needs.
Parelis S.A.S.
Pour les industries: Traitement de l'eau et effluents, exploration et production d'hydrocarbures, nourritures liquides et boissons.
Johs Thornam A/S
Our primary business areas are electrical and mechanical equipment, electronics and marine equipment, process equipment and instrumentation.
Contact: Mr. C. Iannantouni
Phone: 00 618 9424 2024
Fax: 00 618 9424 2005
Email: john@dynapumps.com.au
Amortisseurs de Pulsations
Coup de Belier
Contact: M. Monod Gilles
Phone: +33 (0)4 79 34 98 06
Fax: +33 (0)4 79 34 23 56
Email: gilles.monod@parelis.com
Contact: Mr. T. Pederson
Phone: 00 45 44 140 782
Fax: 00 45 44 149 077
Email: torben.pederson@thornam.com
India Norway Netherlands
Pump Pulsation Damper Tech-Trade A/S Olaer Nederlands
Ishopan Engineering Private Ltd
Sole distributors in India for world number one "Smooth Flow People".
Tech-Trade A/S
Working with some of the best and most respected companies in the business, we have been able to propose solutions to our customers and introduce many new technologies to the Norwegian Oil & Gas sector.
Olaer Nederlands
For 20 years, dynamic and constant development has permitted Olaer to position itself as one of the world's leaders in the provision of fluid management solutions.
Pump Pulsation Damper
Contact: Mr. L.R. Pandey
Phone: 00 91 22 623 3160
Fax: 00 91 22 2523 3230
Email: ishopan1_engg@yahoo.co.in
Tech Trade
Contact: Mr. M. Gallimore
Phone: 00 47 51 648 787
Fax: 00 47 51 648 788
Email: morris.gallimore@tech-trade.no
Contact: Mr. E. Hessling
Phone: 00 31 76 5412 453
Fax: 00 31 76 5411 502
Email: e.hessling@olaer.ni
USA - Pennsylvania/Ohio/West Virginia USA - Illinois/Northern Indiana Seoul Korea
Fischer Process Industries Pumps & Process Equipment, Inc. Liquid Dynamics International
Fischer Process Industries
We are a proven supplier of pumps, valves, instrumentation, and process equipment with offices in; Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama.
Pumps & Process Equipment, Inc.
Pumps & Process Equipment, Inc. (P&PE) provides state-of-the-art industrial and sanitary pumps, mixers, heat exchangers and other liquid processing equipment.
World-Rep Corporation
Fischer Process
Contact: Hank Donaghy
Phone: 513-583-4800
Fax: 513-583-4815
Pumps and Process
Contact: Shawn Hudson
Phone: 847-882-8116
Fax: 847-882-2319

LDi Dampeners .co.kr
Contact: DW Kim
Phone: 82-2-566-7683
Fax: 82-2-566-0102
Email: WDR9999@chol.net

Brazil Mexico Singapore
Amortecedores de Pulsacao Dosificacion de Fluidos, S.A. de C.V. Hydraulic Accumulators
Vibropac Technologia EM Trans
Shock, amortecedores, amortecedor, amortecedores, pela supressão ou a eliminação ou a redução ou o alívio da pressão de pulso ou umedecido, a flutuação do fluxo e pressão de pulso, acumulador, acumuladores, sistemas de tubulação e diferentes tipos de bombas, em setembro.
Dosificacion de Fluidos, S.A. de C.V. Globaltech Systems Eng PTE Ltd
Amortecedores de Pulsacao .br
Vibropac com.br
Contact: Rafael Arisa
Phone: 116-914-8255
Fax: 113-835-3952
Amortiguadores de Pulsaciones
Contact: Arturo Obscura Martinez
Phone: 525-272-6384
Fax: 525-516-7139
Email: amobscuram@dosiflusa.com
Hydraulic Accumulators .sg
Contact: Cynthia Choo
Phone: +65 6741 1848
Fax: +65 6741 8400
Email: cynthiachoo@gsepl.com
Germany Finland China
Pulsationsdaempfer Flow Smooth Beijing ZRX Coating Equipment Co.,ltd
FLOWMatic Prozesstechnick GmbH FlowExperts Beijing ZRX Coating Equipment Co.,ltd
Contact: Alfred Hasche
Fon: (02 11)23 60 40
Fax: (02 11)23 10 19
Email: info@flowmatic.de
Flow Smooth .com
Flow Smooth .fi
Email: sales@flowexperts.fi
Phone: +358-207920630
PulseGuard .cn
Contact: Zhong wei
Phone: 8610-84483578
Cell: 13311188820
Fax: 8610-84513038
Email: bjzrx@163.com
Africa Sweeden Switzerland
Liquid Dynamics New highly active distributor needed.
International Telephone:
--44 (0) 161-480-9625
New highly active distributor needed.
International Telephone:
--44 (0) 161-480-9625
LDi ZA    
Liquid Dynamics .co.za
Email: schlebuschLDi.za@googlemail.com



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